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Bead Fakes and Frauds

Our journal/newsletter, the Margaretologist, has gained a reputation for alerting our readers about fakes, frauds, forgeries and imitations in the bead world. Often these come to our attention because someone has submitted a bead for a
Bead Identification Certificate. In several cases, these services have saved our members thousands of dollars and a lot of grief. This section will report on some of these misrepresentations.


1.) For up-to-date reports on Bead Fakes and Frauds join the
Center for Bead Research and get the Margaretologist. Members, Patrons and Supporters are an important part of our maintenance, and they deserve the earliest alerts on these matters.

2.) Many ancient beads are faked. They will not be reported here. We are against the illegal traffic in looted beads and pointing out the differences would only help those engaged in these practices. You should be aware that several cases have recently come to my attention of faked beads being sold for large sums of money as ancient.

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