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Perhaps the most unusual prayer strand in the Center's collection is this one, used by monks on Mt. Athos (an independent country where women and children -also pets, musical instruments, radios, etc. - are not allowed).

It is made of knotted wool, but I have never figured out exactly how.

I found it in 1975 on the bottom of the boat that takes one to Mt. Athos from the nearest Greek port. A monk must have dropped it, but there were none around when I rescued it.

Alone among Christian people, the Greeks use worry beads. They are not used for prayer.

A prayer strand of the world's newest major religion, Baha'i. It is called a subha and contains 95 beads. This one was made by Ted W. Stevens from bone and tiger's eye.

Donor: Ted W. Stevens

Hindu and Buddhist


Roman Catholic

Eastern Orthodox and Baha'i


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