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Guide to Beadwork

Guide to Beadwork is now entirely on line.

Example of a "round peyote stitch"

A Brief Review by Pete Francis:

It will come as no surprise to many people that I am no expert in beadwork. I love to see it and experience it, but my research concentrates on beads rather than the art of beadwork. Nor do I claim to have studied all the many books about beadwork out there.

On the other hand, I have seen a number of books designed to help people do beadwork and I have a fairly good eye when it comes to evaluating instructions. And what do I think about this book? In a word, excellent.

It is designed to be useful to the beginner as well as the experienced beadworker. Lynne Smyth, in a review of Guide to Beadwork for Craft Marketing News #107 (1996) reported that a 10-year old she knew could do all the stitches in the book. Even more telling, I felt I could do them and could do them well. The introductory chapters get you started and the clear and informative drawings take you though every step. The book has been very well received; over 6,000 have been sold.

Want to learn about beading or learn more? It is out of print, but has been released entirely on-line at Guide to Beadwork.

Example of a diagram used for the "round peyote stitch."


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