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Name: Green Heart

Alternate Name(s): Old Cornaline d'Aleppo; Old Hudson Bay.

Used by: Hudson Bay AC; others see elow.

Derived from: Green core.

Cornaline d'Aleppo

Trade bead used by HBC

Earliest Use: (GH) At least 1893 (see Ninni and Segatti 1991: 76); though the beads were out of production then.

C d'A - Unknown

HB - Unknown

Origin: Venice ca 1600 to 1830

Distinctive Trait: core looks black until held up to light; blue, amber and clear cores also known. Coat is opaque.

Distribution: Global.

Remarks: Cornaline d'Aleppo only properly applies to white hearts. Green hearts do not resemble carnelians, as they are not translucent. The HBC traded many beads.


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