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Name: Russian

Alternate Name(s): Cornerless Hexagonals; Cut blues.

Used by: Russian AC; others see below.

Derived from: Supposed use by Russians in Alaska trade.

Cornerless Hexagonals from shape.

Were called "cut beads" in early trade; most (but not all) are blue.

Earliest Use: Sorenson 1971: 34; Jenkins 1972.

C.H.: Karlis Karklins, ca. 1985

Cut: 1835, 1837, 1840 in Spector 1976: 19.

Origin: Czech, ca. 1820-1890.

Distinctive Trait: Six- (also seven- & eight-) sided drawn tubes, faceted at each of the twelve corners.

Distribution: Global.

Remarks: If the Russians ever traded this bead it was very late. The bead is much more associated with Yankee and Canadian trading. See Francis 1994a: 289.


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