If you have no idea why you are here...

Unless you're just surfing blind, you are here because you have an interest that links to something on our site. This is The Bead Site, and beads tend to link up with many more things you might imagine. We have:

The world's largest bead bookstore. You can also buy any book, music or video or DVD. We also have beads and other things for sale.

We are the home site of the Center for Bead Research with all of the services
that it offers.

Two electronic books (E-books) Beads and Where They Have Led Me, and Bead Basics.

Many galleries.

Sections for Bead Makers, Bead Workers and Designers, Bead Societies and other Institutions and Students and Academics including chat lines, featured personalities, halls of fame and lots of links.

We're a member of the Unusual Museums on the Internet.

And lots more -- 470 pages as of May 1999.

You may want to begin with What's New at The Bead Site? to see the status of the Bead Site while under construction.

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