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Bead Expo 2000 - Summary



Chaired by Karlis Karklins, Society of Bead Researchers

1. Dr. Jeffrey M. Mitchem, Arkansas Archeological Survey, Parkin, Arkansas; SBR President

"The Beads from Interior Florida Sites and What They Tell us about European/Indian Interactions"

Recent excavations at several archaeological sites in interior Florida have yielded assemblages of glass and metal beads that reveal contact between Native Americans and Europeans. These beads are often the key to determining not only when contact occurred, but also the probable European groups involved. By combining bead data with information from historical documents, we are learning more about where various Florida Indian groups lived and whether European attempts at missionization were successful or failures.

 2. Peter Francis, Jr., Director, Center for Bead Research, Lake Placid, New York; Webmaster

"The Asian Maritime Bead Trade: A Sneak Preview"

The Asian Maritime Bead Trade will be published by the University of Hawai'i Press, scheduled for 2001. Here Peter presents an outline of his findings. The major themes and some of the more interesting details are discussed.

 3. Michele A. Lorenzini, Dept. of Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois (read by Karlis Karklins)

"Man-in-the-Moon Beads: A Temporal Indicator"

The present study discusses the temporal and spatial distribution of the unique and distinctive Man-in-the-Moon Beads that are sparingly found on archaeological sites of the Middle Historic period (ca. 1670-1760) in eastern North America. The possible cultural and historical implications of these beads is also dealt with.

 4. Dr. Deborah Zinn, Strategic Arts, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

"Global Interactive Bead Database Project"

The goal of the Global Interactive Bead Database Project is to develop an easy-to-use, searchable database on the World Wide Web with images and data on beads from all around the world. BEADS-L, the project's Internet-based discussion group, includes members from the Arizona and Washington DC bead museums, the Center for Bead Research, the Society of Bead Researchers and the Bead Study Trust (UK) as well as beadmakers, authors, collectors and enthusiasts. This presentation outlines a "vision" of how the database could work, summarizes progress on the project to date and details how to become involved.

 5. Bebe Seet, Singapore (read by Karlis Karklins)

"Peranakan Beadwork"

Here, the history of the art of Peranakan beadwork, exclusive to the Peranakan community of Singapore, Penang, Malacca and Indonesia, is presented for the first time to an international audience. It reveals how every young girl of the past generation had to learn to sew and embroider beaded slippers, pillow covers and other decorative items to enhance her chances of marriage. Peranakan beadwork is intricately vibrant in colors and designs, which were symbolically associated with Chinese beliefs. The beads used were minuscule Venetian glass faceted beads and beadwork up to 8 feet in length was created to decorate the bridal chamber. Peranakan interest in beadwork waned after WWII and has almost become a lost art.

 6. Torben Sode, Denmark, author of several bead books.

"Contemporary Egyptian Faience Makers"

 7. Margret Carey, ethnographical and beadwork consultant, and trustee, Bead Study Trust, London, England

"More About Conus Shell Beads in Africa"

 8. Karlis Karklins, Ontario Service Centre, Parks Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"The New Millennium: Whence Bead Research in North American Archaeology?"

Balanced as we are between millennia, it is instructive to see what we have accomplished in the past few decades and what still needs to be done concerning archaeological research on glass trade beads recovered from North American sites.


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