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Where in the (Bead) World?

Welcome to Where in the (Bead) World? It features a place that is significant in the story of beads. Do you know where it is? This is the current picture (Number 3).
The rules are below.

Game No. 3


An interior shot this time. Maybe people will enjoy staying in.

Game No. 2

This, too, has been retired without anyone identifying it. It is the Jade Market in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
See more here.

My favorite guess was "heaven."

Game No. 1

It was taken outside of Bagio, the Philippines. Bagio is the unofficial "capital" of Northern Luzon, an area with many bead-loving people.

Games can be fun, but they must be played by the rules. I make them here. 

Identify the place in the picture as closely as possible. Only one submission per e-mail address, please. The first person to get closest to the place wins a prize of a bead sample card. This game will end whenever I decide. If no one gets closer than a country, the game will continue one month and everyone may play again. Study the example below.

This is not every winter, but neither is it entirely uncommon. If no one guesses better than the USA, the game would continue. If someone identified New York State, they would be close but not win. But someone coming up with Lake Placid would win, though the person to guess
Four Essex Street would trup them.
Yeah, it's me


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