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2001 Race: Jane Sidney Oliver, 4 points, David Nevill, 2 points,. Come on, guys. I couldn't have improved that much.

2000 Winner: Cindy Schave with 38 points.

This is a serious game. In 1994 I established the Margret A. Carey "Gotcha" Awardfor the Margaretologist.Since I suffer from common, slight dyslexia, I have never been a good speller and tend to transpose letters and numbers unless I am very careful.

Margret spent a week with me and did me the favor of proofing some things I was writing. It got to be something of a joke between us and I named the award after her.
She has won it ever since. But, she's just gotten on the Web and you have a chance to beat her (better hurry.)

Basically, it is quite simple. Spot a typo and get a point. Identify a missed link and get two points. Identify an error of fact and get three points. The person with the most points after a while wins a prize, a bead sample card. In the case of ties, the earliest entry wins.

  • The typo, dead link or error of fact must be identified by page name (in your address window after The .html or .hml tag need not be recorded.
  • The official language of The Bead Site is American English. The arbiter for spelling is Webster's Third International Dictionary. I reserve the right to coin new words and meanings in the realm of beads. I know that languages are growing things, and that English is the fastest growing language in history, ever more so because of the Web.
  • Typos in the Chat Line do not count toward the final score.
  • The Bead Site is not responsible for the breakage of links from other sites. If we have the wrong address or have missed an internal link, these will count toward your score.
  • Exactly what constitutes a "fact" is often under dispute. Here I am the arbiter.

So, keep notes as you go through the site. Then e-mail me..

The challenge is on, guys. Margret Carey is now on line!


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