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Gloria Uptain of Phoenix AZ

Gloria is one of those people you can't help but like. She is open, generous, hospitable and lots of fun. I have the pleasure of knowing her by having stayed with her (and husband Bill) a couple of times when in the Phoenix area.

To call Gloria a beadmaker is something of a misnomer. She is an all-around artist. Weaving is her first love, beads may be second. She makes neat graphics, too.

Gloria is very fond of animals,
as in these two panda canes of polymer clay.

Other favorites include turtles, peacocks and llamas, especially the latter because they are a source of fiber.

A motto from Gloria: Life inspires me and I aim to play (make things) a lot!!!

She mixes beads and fibers, such as in this bolo tie, the official jewelry of the state of Arizona.

"Sometimes all of a sudden fibers and beads come together, often purchased three or five years apart! I have had classes in bead making and weaving, color and design. I started to inlay beads into some weaving in 1989 after I complained at a Fimo workshop ‘This beadmaking keeps me from my real love-weaving’. Jamey Allen (theinstructor) replied ‘Why not weave beads into your work?’

"The next vest is being threaded onto the loom (named)"Peacock". What fun I have to look forward to."

Holidays are extra special because a hand-made card from Gloria is sure to be delivered.

"For my first cards, I used block prints I carved (right). It takes longer to print those. For the more recent cards, I use stamps I pick up here and there. The smaller bead stamps were purchased after seeing an ad in Ornament. I don't really plan what I do. I follow a feeling. I work as the spirit moves me."

To contact Gloria e-mail Bill at: buptaindux@USWest.Net

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