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Betty Brenner, Hollis Hills NY (USA)

Now, how did I choose the first person to feature here? I'll tell you below.

Bride and Groom Heirlooms 6.5 inches (16 cm) tall. Mobils on stands. Commissions only (718) 468-3055

In her own words:

My bead-wire sculpture is based on a triad of elements. I construct each object without armature from one continuous wire, using what is commonly known as seed beads. Each sculpture is created so that its beauty and meaning is due solely to the arrangement of these tiny beads. My technique is extremely flexible and adapts readily to the creation of three-dimensional figures, masks, mobiles and sculptured jewelry. My exclusive use of beads-on-wire adds the unique dimension of color, light and sparkle, qualities not usually associated with sculpture.

At Bead Expo 92 Betty came up to me and said, "Oh, no. You shaved your beard!" Well, yes, I am a chameleon. Why did it surprise her? She had just finished a large piece in the shape of a bag called "An Eye for an Eye." It featured an eye, a common bead motif, and in the center a portrait of me, complete with scraggly hair, glasses and the beard I was sporting the last time we had met. She kindly sent me a large photo of it, but I can't scan it. I'll show it anon.

Featured Beadworker 2


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