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Margaretologist 11(2) Issue 26 1998 (2 of 2)

The Venetian Bead Story

Part 1: History

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These are vignettes from advertising cards of 18th century Venetian beadmakers. This one is that of Gasparo Gabolli. Apparently it is the very picture of opulence. The bundles appearing at the bottom of each of these pictures are bundles of tubes like those seen on the last page.

Here beads are being equated with freedom. This is a card of Giovanni Gabotte, perhaps a relative of Gasparo.

My personal favorite: a fountain of beads. It is from a card of Bernardo Rossi and has an inked date of 1792.

All cards from Giuseppe Morazzoni 1953 "Le Conterie Veneziane dal Secolo XIII al Secolo XIX," pp. 5-74 in Le Conterie Veneziane, Societa' Veneziana Conterie e Cristallerie, Venice.

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