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Margaretologist 13(1) Issue 29 2000

The Beads of Bohemia

Part 4 of 4


Beads for the Muslim market, variations on the star and crescent theme. The bead with writing says "Mohammed."

Part of a sample card of the Redlhammer Brothers (R.B.) with Prosser-like beads. The Panther Head was their trade mark.

Bruno Ulbrich of Krimsmünster, Austria, a Czech refugee. Glass canes (one held on the right) are softened in the machine. He is brining the top of a mold onto the heated glass with the wooden handle.

A section of cane used by Ulbrich. The red bead has not been tumble-polished yet. The finished blue one was made from this sort of cane. These items and the picture to the left thanks to Murry Winagura.

Mold halves from an automated pump molding system. The one on top fits into the machine and the hole of the bead is made by the long rod sliding in and out. The mold half on the bottom presses down to form a bead.

These beads are made in series, held together by a bit of flash. I reconstructed this, as the flash breaks off very easily.

Thanks to Mr. Jelinec and Peter Pus.

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