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Margaretologist 13(2) Issue 30 2000

The Most Important Beadmaking Site Ever

Arikamedu, India

Part 2 of 3

Red glass beads and wasters. The thin tubes are the ends of tubes discarded because they were too small to hold when cutting. Some unfinished segments, some discarded knots, an unperforated piece from the beginning of the pull (top right) and a clump of overheated beads are also in the picture.

Paddled green glass beads. Those of hexagonal tube shape may have been meant as imitation beryls.

A black glass pierced bead and an unperforated cane that may have been the raw material for such beads.

These 1432 red beads (and a single yellowish green bead) were found together in Trench X in the Southern Sector.

They may have once been strung, but it is also possible that they were together in order to be strung.

(Photo: Vimala Begley)


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