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A Vocabulary of Seed Beads: Decorative Processes 1

Name: Lined beads. Description: Coated inside the perforation with paint or silver.

First Use: Before 1860s mostly red for "coral beads," after that, common in many colors.Successful silver lining by 1850s. Used By: Czech, Venice, Japan. France (at least metal).



Name: Lustering. Description: Translucent beads passed through a chamber with metallic vapor that settles on surface.

First Use: Czech, 1856, widely used by 1873. Used By: Czech, Venice, Japan, France.



Name: Aurora Borealis (A.B.). Description: Lustering process using even smaller metallic particles.

First Use: Swarovski of Austria, 1956. Used By: Not used for seed beads. Czech and Japanese have a similar process called "rainbow" (shown).



Name: Irising. Description: Beads put in vat of lacquer with tiny metallic particles. Firing burns off the lacquer, leaving metallic coat.

First Use: Hungary 1856, used for beads Czech 1873. Used By: Czech, Venice, Japan.

Note: A thicker coating is called galvanizing.


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