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A Vocabulary of Seed Beads:
Decorative Processes 2

Name: Alabaster, opal glass. Description: Includes tiny particles, often crystals, that make opal glass opaque and alabaster glass semi-opaque.

First Use: Roman. Used By: Czech, Japan, Venice.

Name: Dyed. Description: Alabaster or opal glass with dye applied to surface.

First Use: Veniceby 1899. Used By: Czech, Japan, Venice

Name: Satin glass. Description: Many longitudinal bubbles making the glass look satiny.

First Use: Czech ca. 1800. Used By: Czech, Japan, Venice.

Note: Pentagonal satin glass beads with corners ground off are Atlas beads.

Name: Square hole. Description: Square (also triangular, hexagonal) perforation sections.

First Made: ca. 1890 Czech. Made By: Czech, Japan.

Gallery 1, Names 1: Seed bead, Rocaille, Bugle, Charlotte.
Gallery 2, Names 2: Macca, 2-cuts, 3-cuts, Ceylon Pearls, Delica
Gallery 3, Decorative Processes 1: Lining, Lustering, A.B./Rainbow, Irising.
Gallery 4: Decorative Processes 2: Alabaster/opal glass, Dyeing, Satin glass, Square holes


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