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The ".com" in our address means we are a commercial site. Thank goodness for that, as otherwise we couldn’t have built The Bead Site. We are a business. Businesses these days have "cultures." I am not sure we have a culture yet, but we do have three business slogans:

1. Build it and they will come.

We believe that if we build a really attractive and engaging Web site every "beader" on the Internet will visit it. As the site changes and grows, bead people will revisit it. If the site is also inviting to people who have only marginal interests in beads or are interested in some related topic, they will also come and return, as well. The strategy is working. As of July 1998 we have quadrupled our visits in a year and are running at about a half million per year. We expect that to double soon.

For this to happen, The Bead Site must respect the second slogan:

2. Value for Money.

Much of The Bead Site is given away free. Much of it is maintained as special services to students and academics, beadmakers, beadworkers, bead collectors, bead societies and other groups. All of this is value. As of July 1998 we have 340 pages.

In addition, the commercial phase of our operation gives value to those who want to reach the "bead audience." Sponsoring a page that appeals to you, or advertising in Beadtown has the potential to be seen by 100,000,000 (twice the estimate I used when I first wrote this page) customers. All over the world. Of course, not everyone will visit, but those you want to, will.

Demographically the four most important groups of Internet users are:

  1. Students and other academics. In other words, young and educated and potentially wealthy people.
  2. Cyber nuts and computer freaks [a surprising number are bead people]
  3. In general, the best-educated and most wealthy people all around the globe. This is not only true in the US, but also in developed and developing countries around the globe.
  4. Women, who have discovered the empowerment the Internet gives them, even when they may have too many local responsibilities to travel physically. The percentage of woman on the Internet has grown from 10% in 1992 to 42% in 1997.

Now, these demographics are precisely those of the "Bead World." Even computer people do a lot of bead activity. I think this is because of the scattered nature of bead interest and the "empowerment effect" that has brought so many women to the Internet.

As an advertiser in the bead world, you want to reach precisely these demographic groups. You want to present them with an attractive message. You want to reach the widest audience with the most detailed publicity and you want to do it at a reasonable price. The Internet is perfect for you.

Why would these people come to The Bead Site to see your ad? Because Slogan Number One ensures that:

The Bead World Meets Here

And what will they do when they come? They can read about you, your business, your town and your country. They can read about your products. They can see these things in color. And soon (see the Bank) when they want to buy your product, they can do so right then. Even if your customer is half way around the world and you are deep asleep, the transaction will be made, your account credited and the next morning you just send out your orders. And this brings us to our third slogan:

3. Be prepared for success.

We are really excited about the future of the Information Superhighway. It is the new medium. It is a whole new way to communicate. Marshall McLuhan was right; his Global Village has arrived. It is a brand new way of doing business.

If you have any product or service you would like to advertise on The Bead Site
see how it is done. Then see how to advertise with us.

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