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Bead Expo 2000 Schedule

Human History through Beads

Designers' Showcase is here. -- What's New In Bead Research is here.

March 22 to 27 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Wednesday, March 22 -- The Excitement Builds

Workshops begin. Over 40 workshops are offered on subjects from Pete Francis' Bead Identification to creating with polymer clay. Click the banner above for complete descriptions of Bead Expo 2000. Or call 800-732-6881 for a free brochure.

Thursday March 23 -- The Shopping Begins

Bazaar Preview opens to wholesale buyers and symposium registrants.

Anticipating record turnout, over 160 vendors have snapped up all available booths and tables at Sweeney Convention Center and La Fonda Hotel. An anticipated 7000 wholesale and retail buyers will be able to chose from millions of unique ancient, ethnic, and modern beads from around the world, as well as tools, publications, and supplies.

NEW -- Designer Showcase -- stunning contemporary variations on the bead theme in jewelry, wearable art, and artist-made clothing.

Friday, March 24 -- The Symposium Opens

The bazaar is open to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a $5 daily admission.

The symposium Sacred and Secular Uses of Beads begins at Hotel Loretto: Topic: "Facets of Collecting: Passion, Preservation, and Possession."

      Gabrielle Liese, founder of the Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona, gives pointers on how to build a bead collection.

      Robert Liu, editor and publisher of Ornament magazine, discusses the historical and ethical contexts in which ancient materials have been collected.

      Anne Durand, owner and curator of Arts Afire Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, addresses collecting contemporary beads and beaded jewelry.

      Representatives from several organizations conclude the Friday session with information on current US laws and international regulations about dealing in cultural properties.

Saturday, March 25 -- In Full Swing

Bazaar continues. Symposium continues:

Today the subject shifts to the ritual uses of beads: "Beyond Utilitarian: The Sacred Power of Beads."

      Marina Ochoa, curator of the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, speaks on the history of the rosary.

      Jill McKeever Furst focuses on dressing for power, shamanism and adornment in Mexico prior to contact with European culture.

      Paul Rainbird, former director of the Southwest Association on Indian Affairs and the IAIA Museum, discusses the appropriateness of collecting and displaying Native American ritual beads.

      David Dean, a Native American bead artist, explains how the sacred is manifested in beaded objects used in the Native American Church.

Evening: Bead Societies from around the country are organizing the Saturday Gala, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the contemporary bead movement, dated from the formation of the Los Angeles Bead Society.

Sunday, March 26 -- The Crescendo

Bazaar Continues. The Symposium concludes with "The Bead Factor: Society, Technology, and Human History."

      Randall White of New York University unveils the results of his research tracing female amulet production in Ice Age Europe.

      Mildred Constantine, an art historian, textile, and costume expert, shows work by innovative artists who incorporate the bead as the primary medium in their creative expressions.

      Lloyd Kiva New explains how the Native American’s spiritual connection to fire is being translated into the art of glass beadmaking with a collaboration between Dale Chihuly and Taos Pueblo.

      Peter Francis. Jr, founder and director of the Center for Bead Research and Bead Expo Symposium Director, discusses the role of beads in furthering technological advances through thousands of years.

Bead Classification and Data Base Meeting 2:00 p.m.

Symposium tuition is $150 for three days, which includes admission to afternoon focus sessions, Thursday’s Bazaar Preview, the Saturday night Gala, and all three days of the bazaar. A limited number of work exchange positions is available, with preference given to students and people on fixed incomes.

Monday, March 27 -- See You in 2002

Major activities have wound down, but workshops continue to keep a lot of people active.

But, that's not all.

Other events include: "What's New In Bead Research," organized by the Society of Bead Researchers; Focus Sessions, a chance to meet and talk with each of the symposium speakers; a session on Bead Classification; the Bead Museum exhibit and auction; professional meetings; artist demonstrations; and gallery openings.

Bead Expo is produced by Recursos de Santa Fe, a private, nonprofit organization, in collaboration with the Center for Bead Research. Proceeds benefit educational and research programs. Bead Expo is supported in part by a grant from the Santa Fe Arts Commission and the 1% Lodgers Tax.


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