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Margaretologist 11(2) Issue 26 1998 (2 of 2)

The Venetian Bead Story

Part 1: History

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This and the next two pictures depict stages in drawing tubes for beads. In the first panel a boy is attaching an iron rod to the end of a hollow gather of glass held by the master. The second picture shows him running the tube out. The third shows the cutting of the now-cooled tube into shorter pieces which are then bundled. Wooden rails hold the tube.

From L.M. Angus-Butterworth, "Glass", pp. 358-78 in Charles Singer, et al. 1958 A History of Technology, Volume !V: The Industrial Revolution, Oxford U. Press, New York/London. Adapted from D. Diderot's Encyclopédie, first edition 1751-72.

Women making lamp beads. Some of their tools, including a tallow lamp are shown below. The large object at top is a vent.

From Neri's L'Arte Vitraria

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