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Beads and Beadwork of the Rungus of Sabah

by Bucklee Bell

Part Five: Grandmother's Beads

Late at night after the culture show and a Rungus feast, Adrian took me to his grandmother's house in the Kampung (Village) Mutunggong longhouse to photograph old Rungus beads. His grandfather is the headman of the longhouse, which comprises about 25 households under one long roof. They are pictured here in their home in the longhouse.

She has a very nice sandang with old shell discs, long glass Czech beads (some imitating carnelian), long bone beads, large old white hearts, and so on.

The discs appear to be Conus tops. - Pete

They are some nice old imitation chevrons on this togkul. The millefiori bead at bottom left appears to be a new copy. The green striped drawn beads may be of Dutch origin?

The imitation chevrons are well known in neighboring Sarawak. They are most likely Chinese. Can't say about the others. - Pete

There are a lot of Czech molded beads to be found on their various necklaces.

There was also a tapi in her collection, a long tube skirt with small bronze bells around the bottom.

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Grandmother's Beads
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