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Southeast Asian Bead Circle Newsletter Vol. 1, No.2

Beaded Dresses and Ornaments of T'boli Women of Mindanao,
the Philippines

by Bucklee Bell

T'boli Beadwork

The T'boli also wear beaded belts made of abaca cloth [from the textile banana, Musa textilis] with glass seed beads sewn to it in striking designs and bright colors. These have brass buckles with brass bells suspended on 3 to 4 inch (7.5 to 10 cm) beaded strings from the bottom of the belt.

The common T'boli women's blouse (k'gal taha soung) is made of a deep blue cloth with yellow, red, green and white embroidery. The T'boli also have beaded blouses, probably an idea borrowed from their Bilaan neighbors, who wear skirts decorated with small shells. Moreno (1995: 98) shows a T'boli woman wearing a beaded blouse very similar to this one.
This blouse is made of thick black polyester-cotton cloth with appliques of cotton and white glass seed beads. [Casal 1977: 132 emphasizes that no two blouse embroidery designs are exactly alike.]

Foreword by Pete Francis


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T'boli Beadwork

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