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Southeast Asian Bead Circle Newsletter Vol. 1, No.2

Beaded Dresses and Ornaments of T'boli Women of Mindanao, the Philippines

by Bucklee Bell

Beaded Ornaments

An interesting ornament is an earring-necklace [Casal's "earring-pendant"] like the one worn by Swani Godwino, Ramon's sister.
It is attached with plugs to both ears and fits under the chin. Between the plugs is a string of glass seed beads with dangling chains of woven horse (mane) hair rings and brass wire rings. [I have catalogued some of these with plugs of ivory and hornbill ivory.]
The tiny woven horsehair rings show much patience and skill in making.

A common necklace worn by T'boli women is made from glass seed beads and brass bells.

This woman is at the Lake Sebu Market. She is wearing a beaded necklace in bandoleer style along with her traditional lieg.

Foreword by Pete Francis


The Lieg Heirloom Necklace

Brass and Wooden Ornaments

T'boli Beadwork

Beaded Ornaments



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