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Roman Maps and the Concept of Indian Gems

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Figure One: Ptolemy and the Northwest Coast of India

Ozene regia (Ujjain, the capital) Upper right

Namadus flu (Narmada River) Lower center

Barigaza emporium (Broach) Lower left.

We are just entering India here. The rivers that flow down from upper left are the Indus delta. Barigaza (modern Broach) is placed as an emporium upriver (not as far as shown here) on the Namadus (Narmada). Ozene (modern Ujjain) is correctly noted as the capital of the region.

Note the dotted boundary line that includes the whole Narmada Valley and the principal port of the state (Malwa) at Broach. Ujjain is not really on the Narmada, but north of it and on the Malwa Plateau, but this is good enough here.

However, as page two shows, there is a poor impression of the ancient western Indian stone bead industry.

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