Beadtown was established long, long ago by people who worked with and lived with beads.

Its roots go back at least 40,000 years. Beadtown residents have experienced all the "revolutions" humans have lived through. In the Late Stone Age they made beads from organic materials. Later they used metal, stones and then glass.

From humble beginnings as a village, the people of Beadtown have built a remarkable Bazaar. Its proud citizens have added other public buildings and a Park. The public buildings include the Bank of Beadtown, Beadtown University, the Beadtown Museum, the Beadtown Guild Hall and the well-known Center for Bead Research.

Have fun and visit often. Watch Beadtown grow.


Picture of Beadtown

The parts of Beadtown now on the Web are:

The Bazaar

The Center for Bead Research

The Gazebo (Games)

The Guild Hall

Beadtown Museum

Beadtown University

The Bank of Beadtown and the Money Museum

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