Beadtown Laid Out Before You

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The old part of Beadtown is in the lower left of the picture. Most citizens still live there, though a few have moved to new suburbs across the Pearl River.

The business of Beadtown is the business of Beads. A huge Bazaar was built very early to house all the shops that beadmakers, bead workers, bead designers and others work in. The Bazaar also houses the Book Store and Travel Agency.

The people of Beadtown take great civic pride in their small city. After the
Center for Bead Research Building (the round one at upper left) was erected, several others were constructed in the same part of Beadtown. These are
The Guildhall (round dome), Beadtown University (square building) and the Beadtown Museum with its four towers. The Gazebo in the Park is home to
Game and the Gotcha Award. The Bank (pointed dome) houses the
Money Museum. Visit them all.

Make Beadtown and The Bead Site regular stops when you are cruising the Information Superhighway. Things never stay the same.

Weldon Lavigne drew the Beadtown picture after recollections from PFJr.

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