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Margaretologist 10(2) Issue 24 1997

Not all seed beads are glass.

Turn-of-the-century French beads. These are made of metal. The most popular ones were faceted. They are very small, about 1.3 mm in diameter.

The title at the top of the sample card reads "Perles & Paillettes Metalliques" (Metal Beads and Bugles). I do not know who made them.

My favorites on this card are twisted so they look like a little rope when strung together.

Porcelain seed beads. These are made by Howard Newcomb of Portland, OR. Howard designed and built a machine to turn these out in large numbers.

Donation: Howard Newcomb

Tile Beads. The blue and yellow beads were made by molding a clay mixture and heating it. Though vitrified, it is not glass in the usual sense.

The item is a sexe-cache, an apron worn by young women in Cameroon until outlawed after independence in 1960.

Donation: Patti

Seed bead introduction

Dating seed beads

Using seed beads

Special seed beads

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