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Margaretologist 10(2) Issue 24 1997

Grandmother's Beading Box

Cork-stopped glass tubes of beads. We found a small cardboard box with "Pete - Beads" written on top when cleaning out her effects.

She was always a fashion-plate. She made human-hair wigs and fitted them on the Rockettes and other clients.

Her needles. Golden eyes, of course. But what was the blunt needle with two eyes (bottom) used for?

All beaders are eclectic. The big gold irised beads were taken off a paper. The black beads and spangles in the plastic bag were sold to make a definite project. She even had some artificial pearls.

She would have loved these. Most of her beads were fancy. These are square-holed twisted beads, silvered inside with amber colored glass. They really shimmer.

Donation: Miyuki Beads


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