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Margaretologist 10(2) Issue 24 1997

Dating beadwork

Afghan beadwork for women.

This is an old piece. Colors did not become regular until the 1860s (notice the different shades of blue).

Diameters not until the 1920s and lengths not until the 1940s.

Afghan beadwork for cattle. Another old piece. Note the differences among the amber beads. The worker probably selected them by eye to make them seem more regular.

One of a pair of bracelets from Afghanistan. Undated, but worn a long time. The beads on the sides are worn flat.

Look closely and you'll see that this English leather cigarette? holder is dated in beads to
July 12, 1846.

The panel on the other side reads "E. Scales." The words are done in cut steel beads, now rusted.

Seed bead introduction

Non-glass seed beads

Using seed beads

Special seed beads

Grandma's beading box


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